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Advent Aircraft Systems


Sister company to Advent Aerospace, Aircraft Systems is a manufacturer of hydraulic systems for light turbine aircraft, with their flagship product being an ABS system.

A fledgling company with large growth potential, the company



Adrenaline Design

Okay, so not everything we do is about aviation. We’re in Canada, so it shouldn’t come as a great surprise that we have worked on a website that has to do with hockey.

Truth be told,



Valve Wizard

One of our first websites. The design at the time was a marvel of coding. Jolly Higdon has since retired, and took a great company name – Jolly Time Tools – with him.

We still get


Advent Aerospace

Advent Aerospace is a growing company with diverse interests in the aviation and aerospace sector. Originally conceived for the company’s predecessor, Yankee Pacific Aerospace, the site was initially a basic WordPress installation.

Romeo Oscar Aviation Marketing Communications


Larkspur Network Solutions

OK, so we aren’t limited to aviation and aerospace. We like to get our geek on from time to time, too, and delve into technology (although admittedly, the stuff these guys do sometimes ties a


Hartzell Propeller

Hartzell Propeller is one of the premier aircraft propeller manufacturers of the world. Steeped in history that stretches back to the Wright brothers and before, the company website was looking just about as old at the time