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Turkey’s Primary and Basic Training Aircraft, Hürku?, Rolls Out on Mecaer Aviation Group’s Landing Gear System

Turkey’s Primary and Basic Training Aircraft, Hürku?, Rolls Out on Mecaer Aviation Group’s Landing Gear System

Borgomanero, Italy – July 9, 2012. Italian-based company, Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG), has capitalized on its experience in building helicopter, business and general aviation landing gears by becoming the exclusive tier-1 supplier to world renowned Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) for the complete landing system of Turkey’s new primary and basic trainer aircraft, Hürku?.

The assembly and manufacturing of Hürku? was completed and rolled out from the hangar on June 27, 2012, with a ceremony held at TAI’s premises in Kazan, Turkey.

MAG is responsible for engineering, system integration and production of a complete ‘bolt-on’ system consisting of high shock absorbing nose and main gears, hydraulic steering system, hydraulic actuation, landing gear control valve, hydraulic braking system, wheels, brakes, tires and landing gear cockpit controls for the tandem configured aircraft.

MAG is currently the landing system solution supplier to several major fixed and rotary wing OEMs, including: AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopter Textron, Diamond Aircraft, Eclipse Aerospace, Piper Aircraft and major Korean aerospace customers.

MAG’s co-general manager, Armando Sassoli, said, “This is a program of great importance for TAI, and MAG is excited to be the supplier of the complete landing system for Hürku?. We can only be extremely proud to be part of Turkey’s aeronautical history.”

HÜRKU? program manager, Aylin Ararat, added, “There were over 440 TAI landing gear design requirements successfully fulfilled by Mecaer, and over 200 engineering coordination memos which were generated throughout the development phase. This operational success is a sound indication of valuable co-operation and good communication between MAG’s and TAI’s engineering teams.”

Ruggero Rossi, MAG’s senior chief project engineer, actuation and landing systems, said, “Our excellent relationship with TAI is the result of two great companies that have worked very well together over the past years.

“Undercarriage designs must be robust, yet must also be as light as possible, to enhance the overall efficiency of the aircraft. With the Hürku? project, our objective was to develop and deliver a state-of-art, high shock absorbing landing gear ideal for training missions.”

About TAI HÃœRKU?:

  • The HÃœRKU? is compatible with pilot primary and basic training programs, and is able to perform both day and night missions.
  • It is equipped with a 1,600 hp turboprop engine, enabling easy transfer of trainee pilots to jet aircraft, and features a tandem seat configuration for trainer and trainee.
  • Manages both high performance, and a low operating cost, due to state-of-the-art technology employed throughout.
  • Designed to ensure superior performance over its competition with almost 21,000 flight safety, pilotage and performance requirements.
  • Documented with more than 4,800 design documents and 7,250 technical drawings as a result of more than 1 million engineering hours.
  • The aircraft’s flexible design allows for future applications such as surveillance and weapon upgrades.

About Mecaer Aviation Group

MAG – Mecaer Aviation Group – is a leading international provider of solutions for aircraft landing systems, completions and MRO services in the helicopter, business aviation and general aviation markets.

MAG’s broad range of in-house capabilities allows it to offer complete solutions that are developed with a long-term and life-cycle based approach. This strategy has made MAG a trusted partner and reliable performer for its many industry leading customers around the world.  More information is available at www.mecaer.com