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Paris Air Show 2015: HANWHA and MECAER  Agree on Landing Gear Systems Cooperation

Paris Air Show 2015: HANWHA and MECAER Agree on Landing Gear Systems Cooperation

PARIS AIR SHOW 2015: June 17, 2015…Mecaer Aviation Group is participating at the 2015 Paris Air Show as part of Italy’s Lombardy Aerospace Cluster and has signed with Hanwha a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for collaboration in the design, development, manufacture and aftermarket support of landing gear systems.

Hanwha has successfully participated in co-development of key Landing Gear Systems components for both fixed-wing aircraft and Helicopters. And because of this MOU Hanwha will now has the opportunity to provide its Landing Gear components to global companies such as major rotary and fixed wing OEM’s.

Italy-based Mecaer has successfully completed the South Korean Ministry of Industry, Trade and Resources sponsored ‘VLJ aircraft Landing Gear System development’ project with Hanwha from 2011 to 2014. Mecaer and Hanwha have also collaborated on the Korean Utility Helicopter program.

Having accumulated design technology and experience, Hanwha strongly intends to convey the message that it will participate in VLJ class aircraft and Civil Helicopter Landing Gear programs.

Hanwha insiders said “this Agreement provides Hanwha the opportunity to become global company and at the same time participate in a large-scale co-production with Mecaer through relentless development of Landing Gear Systems.”

Through this MOU and its partnership with Mecaer, Hanwha plans to continue to expand its export business by seeking opportunities with major global companies.