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NBAA 2014: Esterline CMC Electronics Showcases its New PilotView Crew Information System

NBAA 2014: Esterline CMC Electronics Showcases its New PilotView Crew Information System

(National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Show … October 21, 2014)This is the first NBAA show where Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC) will be demonstrating its new PilotView® Crew Information System that provides integrated cockpit connectivity. In conjunction with its advanced PilotView Aircraft Information Server and tablet interfacing solutions, this system offers versatile aircraft network connectivity, secure file storage and aircraft interface capabilities.

CMC’s PilotView® Aircraft Information Servers provide managed network security, application and file management, aircraft data interfaces, and tablet connectivity. CMC’s products enable expansion to communication systems that offer on-ground, air-to-ground or cockpit-to-cabin connectivity. The Aircraft Information Servers offer aircraft system connectivity to FMS, GPS, ACARS/CMU, cockpit printer and video surveillance systems. These scalable and data loadable solutions minimize the financial and down-time impact of configuration changes in phased eEnablement strategies.

Esterline CMC’s new mount and power provisions for tablets such as the iPad, have been certified by ATR. Both the tablet support solution and CMC’s PilotView® Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) have been selected by ATR as standard options for new production as well as retrofits of in-service ATR-42 and ATR-72 aircraft.

With over 4,000 EFB systems in operation worldwide, CMC is a global leader in meeting the demanding aircraft information management requirements for a long list of customers and aircraft OEMs. CMC is marshalling its considerable experience to facilitate tablet connectivity in the cockpit with its Aircraft Information Server and a range of aircraft interface devices that bridge the gap between classes of EFB systems. CMC also works with leading application providers to support software and communication system integration, a fundamental element of successful e-enabled aircraft projects.

The PilotView® EFB is offered as a standard option by ATR, by Dassault on the Falcon 900, 2000 and 7X, by Embraer for the Legacy 600/650 and E-170/190 programs, and by Bombardier for the CRJ700*, CRJ900* and CRJ1000* regional jets. In addition, over 30 STCs are available for the PilotView® EFB on aircraft ranging from the Gulfstream GlV/GV, Bombardier Challenger* 600* series* aircraft program, the Global* Express* and the Global Express XRS*, to the Airbus A320 and A330, Boeing B737 and B747-400.