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Hartzell Aerospace Selected by Liebherr-Aerospace to Supply Environmental Control System Heater Ducts

Hartzell Aerospace Selected by Liebherr-Aerospace to Supply Environmental Control System Heater Ducts

Valencia, California, March 4, 2013 – Hartzell Aerospace has been selected by Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS, Toulouse (France), to supply electric Environmental Control System (ECS) heater ducts on a range of new aircraft projects currently in development. Hartzell will supply its NXT galley heaters for Bombardier CSeries* aircraft as well as galley and door heaters for Chinese COMAC C919 airliner.

Hartzell_ECS_DuctsHartzell’s existing heater duct products are already the lightest on the market, and the company’s new Liebherr-selected, patent-pending NXT series heater ducts will be 40 percent lighter and result in 40 percent lower pressure drop than its existing, already-superior, lines. Hartzell’s unique design features result in low cost, low noise and low weight, while still maintaining high efficiency and reliability. The company’s compact heater ducts feature full temperature control and are available in round and custom housings for a large range of heat outputs.

Simon Shackelton, senior vice president of Hartzell Aerospace said, “This contract marks the extended expansion of our operations into the European market. We’re extremely pleased Liebherr-Aerospace’s executives have placed their trust in us to supply our superior ECS heater ducts on these projects.

“Liebherr-Aerospace’s decision is a reflection of our growing reputation as a leading supplier of specialized products for various engineered applications.”

The heater ducts for this project will be supplied by Hartzell subsidiary Electrofilm Manufacturing Co. LLC in Valencia, CA.  Electrofilm is responsible for the design and manufacturing of Hartzell’s heater ducts, and together with AcousticFab LLC in Sanford, FL, and Industrial Tube Company (ITC), LLC in Perris, CA, comprise the Hartzell Aerospace group.

Hartzell heater ducts are also available for: Boeing 717, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787, MD11, MD80, and MD90; The heaters’ applications include: supplemental ECS heat, crew rest quarters, cargo bay heating, door and surface heaters; electronics bay heaters; demisting; and galley heating.

Hartzell Aerospace comprises a group of companies owned by Tailwind Technologies Inc and includes Industrial Tube Co., AcousticFab and Electrofilm Manufacturing Co. LLC.  The companies’ products have been in service for over 40 years, providing specialized OEM and aftermarket engineered applications including: ice protection, freeze protection, and surface and air heaters; noise control for ECS and APU applications; and composite and elastomer ducting and structures. Tailwind Technologies is also parent company to Hartzell Propeller of Piqua, Ohio, Mayday Manufacturing and Hi-Tech Metal finishing, both of Denton, Texas.

* Bombardier CSeries is a registered or unregistered trademark of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.