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FLYHT Receives Order for AFIRS 220 and 228 Systems Installation on Boeing Aircraft in the Maldives

Calgary, Alberta – May 17, 2013 – FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. (“FLYHT”) reported has signed a contract with a scheduled Maldivian airline for the Automated Flight Information Reporting System (“AFIRS™”) 220 and 228B. The company will install the AFIRS 220 on one Boeing 757 and AFIRS 228B on two Boeing 767 aircraft.

The airline will use AFIRS to provide real-time flight data monitoring. The customer will benefit from all AFIRS 220 features including automated Out, Off, On and In times, airframe and engine exceedances, flight tracking and satellite voice communications.

FLYHT will provide equipment and services to the airline over a five year contract with automatic yearly renewals after the initial term. Installations are anticipated to begin in the second quarter of 2013. If FLYHT completes installation on all contracted aircraft and provides recurring service for the full term of the agreement, gross revenue to FLYHT will be approximately $480,000 USD, excluding optional services. The agreement includes the option to upgrade to the AFIRS 228S system.

FLYHT provides proprietary technological products and services designed to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in the airline industry. The Company has patented and commercialized three products and associated services currently marketed to airlines, manufacturers and maintenance organizations around the world. Its premier technology, AFIRS™ UpTime™, allows airlines to monitor and manage aircraft operations anywhere, anytime, in real time. If an aircraft encounters an emergency, FLYHT’s triggered data streaming mode, FLYHTStream™, automatically streams vital data, normally secured in the black box, to designated sites on the ground in real-time.