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FLYHT Commences Line Installation on Bombardier CRJ900

FLYHT Commences Line Installation on Bombardier CRJ900

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. (the “Company” or “FLYHT”) reports that the first factory installation on a CRJ900 has been completed by Bombardier Aerospace for delivery to China Express Airlines. The CRJ900 is the second aircraft that was delivered with AFIRS onboard to China Express Airlines. In total, China Express Airlines has ordered six AFIRS units and the Company expects them to be fully operational by Q2 2013.

“Bombardier Aerospace Management in Mirabel took a decision this summer to install AFIRS Supplemental Type Certificate (“STC”) on our production line in lieu of moving the aircraft to a third party to perform the installation,” stated Nancy Crothers, CRJ price & offerability commercial aircraft programs. “There has been outstanding support and service from FLYHT Aerospace Solutions to facilitate this action and we are very pleased with the decision to move this to a production line fit.”

“We are very pleased to have factory fit from a second OEM this year and are proud that we can provide the products and service that are rightfully demanded by an aircraft manufacturer to meet their customers’ requirements,” stated Matt Bradley, vice-president business development of FLYHT. “We are working hard to expand the list of manufacturers from the current list of three that see AFIRS as a part of their overall delivery to customers.”

FLYHT has agreements in place with Hawker Beechcraft Corporation to fit AFIRS 228 on the fielded 987 product line, and L-3 Aviation Recorders to provide an AFIRS Iridium Satellite Communication solution as an option on the Airbus A320 line in 2013. In addition, there are many popular aircraft for which FLYHT holds STCs. Please refer to FLYHT’s website for the full list of STCs.

About FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.

FLYHT provides proprietary technological products and services designed to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in the airline industry. The Company has patented and commercialized three products and associated services currently marketed to airlines, manufacturers and maintenance organizations around the world. Its premier technology, AFIRS™ UpTime™, allows airlines to monitor and manage aircraft operations anywhere, anytime, in real time. If an aircraft encounters an emergency, FLYHT’s triggered data streaming mode, FLYHTStream™, automatically streams vital data, normally secured in the black box, to designated sites on the ground in real-time.

AFIRS, UpTime, FLYHT, FLYHTStream and AeroQ are trademarks of FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.