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FLYHT AFIRS 228 STC-Approved for Six Different Aircraft Types

FLYHT AFIRS 228 STC-Approved for Six Different Aircraft Types

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd (FLYHT) has received Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for its Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRSâ„¢) 228 on a total of six different aircraft types.

The STCs apply to: ATR-42/72; Boeing 777-200/300; Boeing 767-200/300; Boeing 747-200; Bombardier Challenger 870/890, CRJ-700/900 (TCCA STC, China VSTC); Hawker Beechcraft 750/800XP/850XP/900XP (EASA & TCCA for full activation and FAA in progress).

STC approvals are in progress for: Boeing BBJ1 (737-700); BBJ2 (737-800); and the Airbus ACJ 319/320/321 family of aircraft.

FLYHT’s CEO, Bill Tempany, said, “We’re pleased at the rapid expansion of aircraft types that can be supported by AFIRS, making the unique benefits of our system available to business aviation, charter, and scheduled operators.

“As a Transport Canada DAO, FLYHT is able to develop and expedite approval of the aircraft integration engineering and STC packages that are required to install any airborne electronics on aircraft. This, along with the unique capabilities of AFIRS, makes FLYHT the best partner in the industry when it comes to implementing advanced aircraft connectivity.”

The company also holds approvals for its AFIRS 220 legacy product on the following business aircraft: Embraer Legacy 600; Boeing BBJ1 (737-700) and BBJ2 (737-800); Airbus ACJ319, ACJ320 and ACJ321; Bombardier CRJ-100SE; Hawker Beechcraft 750/800XP/850XP/900XP.

FLYHT performs all engineering required for aircraft integration and, by virtue of being a Transport Canada Design Approval Organization (DAO), can expedite the approval to install its products on a wide variety of aircraft types. FLYHT currently holds over 40 STCs for AFIRS, which are issued by five regional authorities (TCCA, FAA, EASA, CAAC [China] and ECAA [Egypt]) covering 20 aircraft types.

AFIRS integrates voice, text, and automated data reporting over Iridium SATCOM and the Internet, into one affordable package. The system’s features include: global voice and text communications; global flight tracking and position reporting; real-time event notifications; built-in Quick Access Recorder (QAR) for FOQA and SMS; automated engine trending; accurate and automated movement and flight times; real-time fuel management and emissions reporting; and, EFB connectivity.

About FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.

FLYHT provides proprietary technological products and services designed to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in the airline industry. The Company has patented and commercialized three products and associated services currently marketed to airlines, manufacturers and maintenance organizations around the world. Its premier technology, AFIRS™ UpTime™, allows airlines to monitor and manage aircraft operations anywhere, anytime, in real time. If an aircraft encounters an emergency, FLYHT’s triggered data streaming mode, FLYHTStream™, automatically streams vital data, normally secured in the black box, to designated sites on the ground in real-time.

AFIRS, UpTime, FLYHT, FLYHTStream and AeroQ are trademarks of FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.