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Field Aviation Delivers Third Missionized Challenger to Cobham Aviation Services

Field Aviation Delivers Third Missionized Challenger to Cobham Aviation Services

Toronto, Canada, July 25, 2016… Field Aviation has delivered the third of four missionized Challenger aircraft to Cobham Aviation Services. These aircraft are to provide enhanced search and rescue capabilities in support of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s (AMSA) operations, with the first aircraft entering service in August, 2016.

Field Aviation designed, installed, flight tested, and certified structural, electrical and aerodynamic changes to the aircraft. These included a lavatory, galley, and cabin area reconfiguration, as well as the installation of the sensor provisions and aerodynamic modifications. Cobham Aviation Services completes the aircraft with the installation of sensors and a mission management system once they arrive in Australia.

Cooperation between the two companies creates a highly-advanced turnkey solution for AMSA, with jets that have been specially modified to incorporate:

  • New generation sensors and SAR equipment
  • Two belly radomes (search radar and direction finding system)
  • Retractable EO/IR camera located in the tail of the aircraft
  • Conformal enlarged observation windows
  • A missionized interior
  • An air operable cargo door

Field Aviation has a long history with Cobham Aviation Services on the Australian Border Protection program. This history, along with Field’s experience modifying Bombardier Challenger aircraft for the Royal Danish Air Force and Boeing’s Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) program, made Field Aviation the ideal choice for this project.

“Field Aviation is the global leader in missionizing the Bombardier Challenger platform and we are very excited to see these aircraft enter service this year with our long term partner, Cobham Aviation Services,” said Brian Love, Field Aviation’s chief operating officer. “Our partnership with Cobham extends beyond the initial delivery of these missionized aircraft as we will continue to support the aircraft throughout their service life.”

As a modification and manufacturing center of excellence, Field Aviation is internationally recognized for its design, engineering, integration and certification of kits and modifications. Field Aviation’s designs enhance the operational utilization of a wide range of commercial aircraft, used primarily in special mission applications. Field Aviation also manufactures parts for both OEM and out-of-production aircraft, and specializes in the reconfiguration of aircraft interiors on a variety of aircraft types and sizes.

For more information on this specific program, please go to: http://www.fieldav.com/case-studies/australian-maritime-safety-authority/