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Esterline Signs Agreement with Sabena technics for its CMA-6800 Display on ATR Aircraft

Esterline Signs Agreement with Sabena technics for its CMA-6800 Display on ATR Aircraft

(Montreal, Canada  – January 16, 2017)  Esterline Avionics Systems has recently signed a dealer agreement with Sabena technics to distribute the Esterline CMA-6800 LCD Display to ATR 42/72 operators, principally located in Europe.

Alain Colin, vice president, production, at Sabena technics DNR, said: “The Esterline CMA-6800 display is the best, cost-effective alternative to replace old CRT displays on ATR aircraft. The product offers significant improvements in reliability and weight, and it lowers the life-cycle costs to operate the EFIS.  The upgrade can be performed quickly, with no retraining required and with minimum disruption to aircraft operations.”

Jean-Christophe Monfret, vice president of avionics display solutions, Esterline Avionics Systems, said: “Our CMA-6800 has been installed on multiple ATR aircraft operating in North America and in Europe, with over 250 displays delivered to date since its entry in service earlier last year. Based on data reported by operators, our display offers a six-to ten-fold increase in reliability over the ED-800, lowering operating costs and further extending the life of their existing cockpits.”

The CMA-6800 is based on an active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) and is a form, fit and function replacement for Honeywell ED-800 cathode ray tube (CRT) displays. Operators can replace the ED-800s on each aircraft all at once or one at a time, resulting in a simple and flexible replacement solution with minimal disruption to aircraft operations. The display is substantially more reliable and lighter, and offers operational relief to the minimum equipment list (MEL) over the ED-800s being replaced. The CMA-6800 has been approved for installation in more than ten (10) aircraft types, including the ATR 42 and 72, and by multiple certification agencies, including Transport Canada, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

More information about the product and a complete listing of STCs can be found at:


About Sabena technics

Created in 1968, Sabena technics is a leading independent provider of MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) and modification services to civil and military aircraft operators. The Group employs over 2200 persons across 15 sites worldwide and offers a broad range of solutions: Airframe, CAMO, Component, Engineering, Painting, Supply Chain and Training. Sabena technics is particularly strong in the regional airline segment and supports over 160 ATR aircraft under PBH (Power by the Hour) contracts that include pool access, and repair and overhaul of rotable components.